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Innovative networked control and audio solutions for multi-zone audio applications, with AUDAC Touch™ at the heart of it all. A complete family of networked control matrices, relays, amplifiers, audio sources, and control units. Compatibility with network control panels, analog wall input panels, and analog wall controllers makes the Consenso family a versatile solution for any application.

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Why choose Consenso family?

Seamless and inuitive AUDAC Touch™ configuration and control
Compatibility across multiple AUDAC families
DanteTM/ AES67 compatibility for certain family members
Design & manage your installation
Simplified design, management & system control platform

Design & manage your installation

With AUDAC Touch™ at the heart of it all, installers & end-users can easily design, manage and customize their audio settings across multiple zones, wether it is a commercial space, conference room, or residential setting. The freely available platform enables you to setup & control your systems from any device on any location and at any time.

A complete family
Versatile range of unique products

A complete family

From within the Consenso family, you can create your all-in-one solution for seamless audio integration. From versatile universal wall panels to powerful amplifiers and customizable modular systems, elevate your audio experience effortlessly. Experience simplicity, setup & controllability, performance and audio innovation.

Premium audio solutions in various applications

Unmatched performance

Tailor-made for small to medium applications like bars, restaurants, hotels, and corporate spaces. With a range of intuitive products designed for seamless integration, achieve unmatched audio quality and versatility. Elevate every environment effortlessly with Consenso.

Mix & match between product families

Mix & match between product families

Discover endless possibilities with our product families: Atellio, Consenso, and Soveno. Mix and match between these versatile lines to create the perfect and complete audio solution tailored to your needs. Customize your sound experience like never before.

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Discover all Consenso family products

Get an overview of all our networked sound and control products.

  • Network control audio processor

    Network control audio processor

  • Network control amplifiers

    Network control amplifiers

  • Relay groups

    Relay groups

  • Modular audio systems

    Modular audio systems

  • Universal configuration & control unit

    Universal configuration & control unit

  • Network control panels

    Network control panels

  • Analogue wall inputs

    Analogue wall inputs

  • Analogue wall controllers

    Analogue wall controllers

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