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Sustainability is an important drive for innovation

We don’t wait for the solutions that will protect the future of audio, we develop them ourselves. We see the possibilities to design what’s best for the planet also better for the planet.

A message from our CEO

Inspired by sound

At AUDAC, sustainability is an integral part of the company’s philosophy. Sustainability is an important driver for innovation that motivates us to create better, smarter but above all more durable audio solutions.

Tom Van de Sande, CEO AUDAC
Product vision and design

Sustainable solutions for a global impact

Recognizing that our solutions are being deployed and utilized worldwide on a continuous basis, it is our objective to minimize not only our direct environmental impact but also our broader, indirect influence. At AUDAC, we advocate for a more sustainable approach to designing solutions for future applications. This shift involves transitioning from a hardware-centric model to one centered around software.

This vision is founded on the development of products that are more adaptable, modular, and intelligent than ever before. This means that with AUDAC, you'll require fewer products to achieve the same outcome. Furthermore, you'll notice that new features are incorporated throughout the lifespan of your product, extending the longevity of your systems. This vision is also reflected in our 5-year warranty policy on all products.

However, our commitment extends beyond the 'why' and 'what' of our designs—it also encompasses the 'how'. One example of this is our modular and consistent approach to writing firmware and application software, ensuring that the products we design today serve as the foundational building blocks for tomorrow. For a comprehensive view of our eco-conscious practices download our Environmental Company Statement.

From advice to installation

More than 25 years of expertise in the professional audio market

DO IT SUSTAINABLY (DOE MAAR DUURZAAM), is a Dutch television programme in which various developments and innovations within the sustainability sector are featured. The theme of the broadcast was Technology and Industry. An excellent opportunity for us to highlight the importance and applicability of AUDAC audio systems in new buildings and renovations.

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A passion for audio

It all begins with the design process

Energy efficiency simply means using less energy to perform the same task. During the design process, we strive to achieve maximum results with our products using a minimal amount of energy. Several of our always-on products, for example, have been awarded the Energy Star label for their smart standby functions that reduce energy consumption when not in use. As our appliances are often never even switched off, this results in huge savings in both operational as in stand-by mode.

Energy-efficiency keeps being a priority during the planning phase of a sound installation. Combining the optimal sound dispersion of our loudspeakers with a strategic placement enables our team of professionals to create an impressive sound experience with the minimum amount of loudspeakers.

Upgradeable modularity
Future proof thinking

Upgradeable modularity

We live in exciting times. With the help of the accelerated digital evolution, we as audio specialists make sure that our products always have that slight edge over the rest. Even after the product already has been installed for quite some time. Our modular audio systems can be easily upgraded with interchangeable modules and software updates. This eliminates the need to buy a new device every time new technologies come onto the market.

Sustainable packaging and distribution
Reducing our carbon footprint

Sustainable packaging and distribution

Not only the technology behind our products is important, we also look at the way we manufacture and distribute our products. For the packaging of our products, we keep the use of plastic to an absolute minimum and instead opt for a completely naturally biodegradable cardboard.

We have made the size of our packaging as compact as possible to create an optimal transportation efficiency. This philosophy gets taken even further with our most recent ultra-compact products like the AMP203 and the MFA series, which decrease the amount of trucks needed for transportation even more.

AUDAC's Green Mission
Restoring forests

AUDAC's Green Mission

AUDAC has recently acquired and cultivated 21 hectares of forest privately. Among these, some were formerly fields that have now been transformed into forests. These are now classified as category 3 forests, indicating that they will be preserved in their current state.

Throughout this initiative, over 6000 trees were planted. Additionally, certain areas of the forests now serve as vital pathways connecting larger forested areas for wildlife to traverse.

AUDAC is committed to advancing this effort by expanding and continually reforesting these lands.

Our enduring commitment
From family to future

Our enduring commitment

As a proud family-owned enterprise, we embrace a long-term perspective that extends far beyond quarterly profits. This continuity in ownership allows us to make decisions that prioritize environmental and social responsibility, ensuring that we leave a positive legacy for generations to come. This commitment to sustainability also extends to our valued AUDAC partner network. By maintaining our familial roots, we foster enduring relationships built on trust, integrity, and shared values.


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