• XMP44 - SourceCon™ professional modular audio system
  • XMP44 - SourceCon™ professional modular audio system


SourceCon™ professional modular audio system
  • Remote control web interface (HTML5)
  • RS232 & TCP/IP control port
  • Front PFL speaker with vol. control
  • 2.8" LCD display with intuitive user interface
  • Fully flexible modular structure
  • 4 x SourceCon™ interface card slots
  • Wide variation of modules separately available
  • Front USB interface for each module (4x)
  • Simutaneous operation for all modules
5 years
Dante™ Domain Manager Ready
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The XMP44 is a professional modular audio system with 4 SourceCon™ interface card slots where to a wide variation of optional modules can be installed. The variety of available modules ranges from FM tuners to DAB&DAB+ tuners, internet radio tuners, voice file interfaces and many more. The flexible architecture allows any project combination up to four sources, resulting in a truly versatile solution that will live up the needs for any user taking high regard of crystal clear audio reproduction. Simultaneous operation for all four modules makes it a compact multi-source system which is the perfect expansion for any multi-zone audio system. The front panel of the system accommodates a 2.8” TFT display in combination with a push rotary function dial and 4 tactile pushbuttons. The controls and indicators on the front panel of the unit are guaranteeing an intuitive and user friendly operation, allowing hassle free operation and configuration to even unexperienced users. Four USB interfaces (one for each module) are enabling playback or storage of media and voice file, while pre-listening for each output is possible through a built-in PFL speaker with individual volume control. Both RS-232 and TCP/IP communication ports are implemented, allowing system integration with any home or industrial automation system. Using the freely available AUDAC Touch™ application for smart devices guarantees total system control and configuration from any device on any location and at any time. An optional Dante™ interface is available for the XMP44. The installation of this network interface allows receiving and sending of low latency, high quality audio over a standard Ethernet network. 

AUDAC Touch™ enabled
Integrated pre-listening loudspeaker with volume control
USB interface for each module slot (4x)
2,8" TFT display with selection & operation push buttons
Scroll-Push control™
RS-232 remote control connection
Ethernet network connection
SourceCon™ module slots (4x)
Integrated web-control (HTML5)
XMP44 - SourceCon™ professional modular audio system
SourceCon™ technology
Plug-and-play connections

SourceCon™ technology

Installation is done by sliding the modules into guide rails, while connections are made using board edge connections. This allows simple and fast installation without requiring additional internal wiring or complex configuration. When inserted to a supporting slot, the module is instantly installed, discovered and ready for operation.

AUDAC Touch™ compatible
Simplified design, management & system control platform

AUDAC Touch™ compatible

AUDAC strongly believes in out of your pocket controllable audio solutions and further establishes its progressive position through developing the AUDAC Touch™ total system control platform. Using this freely available solution, application specific dashboards can be created and customized, allowing the control for multiple devices from one single application.

AES67 enabled modular audio system
Remotely control your device

AES67 enabled modular audio system

The ANX44 is a Dante audio network interface for installation in the XMP44 professional modular audio system, featuring four input and four output channels. The installation of this optional module allows the XMP44 to be integrated into any Dante™/AES67 enabled AV network and flawlessly transfer digital audio with any compatible product on the market.

Technical specifications

System specifications
Inputs Type 4 x SourceCon™ interface card slots
4 x USB interface
Control Front panel
Audac Touch™
Web (HTML5)
Frequency Response (± 3 dB) 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Display Type 2.8” Graphical LCD
Monitoring Front PFL speaker with vol control
Power Source 110 ~ 240 V AC / 50 ~ 60 Hz
Consumption 2 W (without module installed)
Supply Switching mode
Operating temperature 0° ~ 40° @ 95% Humidity
Socket Connections (AUDAC Touch™) 4 sockets
Product Features
Dimensions 18.98 x 1.73 x 12.99 " (W x H x D)
Weight 7.50 lb
Mounting 19”
Unit height 1 HE
Construction Steel
Colours Black
Recommended applications
Bars & Restaurants
Houses of worship

Example setups

Atellio family example setups

Consenso family example setups



Any product that is updatable by the AUDAC system manager is automatically discovered and downloaded to your personal computer.

All other software versions can be found via audac.eu/software

Previous firmware versions can be found in the portal on the support tab.


Yes, it is always recommended to run the latest firmware to be compatible with AT2.


When the user password is lost, it can be changed by logging in with the administrator password. When the administrator password is lost, please contact your local distributor.


Please download the AUDAC system manger. This will scan your network and tell you the IP address of all AUDAC products within your network.

If your network is blocking global broadcasts, you can connect directly by using a cross cable. The system manager will still be able to inform you of the device IP.


AUDAC uses two methods to update their devices.

  • USB
  • AUDAC system manger

When unsure which method to use, please refer the product manual.


When connecting directly to the product,

  • Ensure you are using a cross-link network cable
  • Ensure your personal computer is within the same default AUDAC IP range 192.168.0.xxx
  • Check the WIFI settings of your laptop. In many cases, the laptop will try to make a priority connection through the WIFI network, whereby it will be impossible to reach the webserver. After the WIFI connection of the laptop is disabled, it will work properly

When connecting to your product via network

  • Ensure your personal computer is within the same default AUDAC IP range 192.168.0.xxx

When trying to connect with a personal media device.

  • Ensure the tablet/pad is within range of both the WiFi and AUDAC IP range.


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